Best Halloween decorating Ideas with handcrafted silicone molds

Best Halloween decorating Ideas with handcrafted silicone molds

Best Halloween decorating Ideas with handcrafted silicone molds

Halloween is coming, so better to prepare your repertoire with the most ingenious decorations.
With the Halloween silicone molds, preparing the funniest but frightening goodies and creating fantastic decorations is a piece of cake.
And for this reason, we’ve gathered the most special Halloween decorating ideas for cookies, cakes, candies, goodies, and resin figures.

Let’s take a look!

Indispensable Halloween decorating figures

This celebration disposes of uncountable alternatives for both the table and the ambiance. However, there are some figures that should never be missing in either case, such as:

The infallible pumpkins

There’s no more symbolic element on Halloween than the pumpkins, So, being a Halloween enthusiast but not including them in your culinary and handcrafted decorations is a capital sin.
Pumpkins are suitable to create snacks, cookies, sweet decorations, and even the cutest little crafts.


What would it be a Halloween decoration without coffins?

These can reinforce any table or decorative set and provide a real Halloween scene.
They can be complemented by bones, skeletons, bloody fingers, skulls, pumpkins, and even famous characters. As a result, the coffins will become your favorite pieces for this date.

Skull Decorations

When it comes to Halloween decoration ideas, skulls always have a well-deserved place. Whether to embellish your cakes with a dark touch or prepare cookies unforgettable for the little ones.

  • Cookies
  • Marzipan
  • Fondant
  • Ice-trays
  • Candles
  • Figures
  • Soap

These figures are very versatile, which means there always be something new to create, delight, and enjoy.

Other Accessories

Bones, skulls, and skeletons can be complemented with:

  • Halloween knives
  • Hands and feet
  • Pirate symbols

With all these elements and the right silicone molds, your decorating pieces will be unparalleled.

But, there are other Hallowing figures you should consider.

Monsters and famous characters

For many, monsters are unmissable during this date for a simple reason: everybody loves them! Whether as cookies, resin figures, lollipops, etc.

Although there are countless alternatives to choose from, we’ve selected the most original for your repertoire, including:


This memorable character and its knife still give an ominous touch to every single Halloween party. Therefore, this scary character is more than a must-have in your repertoire.

In addition to creating some delectable goodies, you can shape wax, clay, and even soap figures in all colors.

Halloween Mickey Mouse

The favorite mouse is an excellent choice for your Halloween decorating ideas. What’s more, it’s an excellent alternative to Frankenstein and Chucky and more appropriate for toddlers

Mickey is another versatile character, perfect for everything, from lollipops and snacks to ornamental figures.
Use it for your goodies or decorations and you’ll never fail.


The most famous zombie in history, created by Mary Shelly, is a safe bet for your Halloween figures.
Also, you can combine Frankenstein’s head with Halloween bloody fingers and bones to recreate a spine-chilling scene.
With Frankenstein, the coffins, the bones, and the other accessories, creating a horrifying scene will be no challenge.

Freddie Kruger

Possibly, the most iconic character of the last century when it comes to horror movies. And, certainly, an eye-grabbing piece in every table, party, or house.

Freddie’s face will definitely get noticed everywhere.

Night Before Christmas

This is the tale of Jack, the one who tried to bring Santa Claus down the night before Christmas, and it’s a nice choice for Disney lovers.
Though you can cook some wonderful goodies with this character, we also recommend using this mold to shape resin and wax figures. This way, you’ll have an original and picturesque ornament impossible to forget.

And the best part, it’s excellent to give Christmas a darker, more interesting touch.