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Baby silicone molds

Silicone molds are very popular nowadays due to their versatility and appealing designs. These easy-to-handle colorful models are setting trends both in the bakery world and in the field of decoration.

In this way, baby silicone molds stand out as one of the most popular designs and it’s something quite obvious considering that everything that has to do with babies including teddy bears, rattles, baby’s bottles, and others emits tenderness.

So are you interested in making beautiful and detailed decorative items? Or do you want to delight the little ones in the house with funny figures in their favorite desserts? Whatever your goal is, this product is for you.

Most attractive and creative designs     

Baby silicone molds will let you make professional baby figures without having to be an expert artist or a master decorator. These types of molds are the right option for baby showers and birthdays due to their wide variety of models.

If you have this tool at hand,you should not limit yourself to just making goodies and sweets. Let your imagination and creativity fly, you can use resins, waxes, clay, and practically any moldable material for your handicrafts.

Some of the most beautiful figures that our molds offer are:

  • Baby bib lace
  • Baby cubes
  • Baby girl dress
  • Baby gloves, shoes, and bonnet
  • Baby blanket
  • Bears borders
  • Toys set

Advantages of silicone molds

Being highly recommended by professional bakers and chefs, Silicone molds features some advantages that out-perform traditional bakeware. One of them is its non-stick capability; this flexible material has a smooth surface that makes the task of unmolding extremely easy, without needing to add any spray, oil, or fats.

On the other hand, this resource will become indisposable at home because of it’s easy to clean and store. You can clean the molds using the dishwasher and, thanks to their flexibility, they can be stored in any space.

How resistant are baby silicone molds

Despite being lightweight, silicone molds are unbreakable. This product is designed to last for a long time due to its strong and high-quality material. 

On the other hand, sudden temperature changes are not a problem for silicone molds. In this way, it can be used for baking or freezing with no issues; it withstands temperatures from -76 to 500ºF.

Kitchen appliance for using silicone molds:

  • Microwave
  • Oven
  • Freezer
  • Dishwasher