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Elixir Edible Dust

Elixir edible dust is the must-have decorative ingredient every bartender and confectioner should have at hand.

This delightful, tasteless pour is an irreplaceable decorative element for drinks, beverages, sweets, goodies, desserts, fondants, and many other recipes.

Moreover, and unlike other glitters, it is perfectly safe for human consumption, and its composition is approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Elixir edible dust is infallible to provide every cake, recipe, and drink with a colorful touch impossible to ignore.

Is Elixir Edible Dust safe?

This product is mica-based, which means it only contains vegan minerals in its composition and does not have chemical preservatives; its ingredients are 100% natural and edible.

The mica-based products are used as vegan colorants in cereals, beverages –alcoholic and not– and food.

On the other hand, the dust is approved by the FDA, the main judge in food quality standards. In other words, it’s validated for human consumptions with no risk.

What does Elixir Edible Dust taste like?

This product doesn’t have any flavor, which means it can be mixed with a myriad of preparations without affecting the taste of the final outcome.

What Elixir Edible Dust will do is provide an stunning color to your recipes and decorations –because it’s perfect to work with fondant and other ingredients.

Therefore, it can be included in any culinary repertoire, from bakeries and restaurants to bars and coffee shops. And it should always go hand-in-hand with bartenders, baristas, and confectioners.

Is it only for drinks?

For drinks and…

  • Cocktails
  • Cakes
  • Candies
  • Desserts
  • Decorations
  • Coffee
  • Tea

Since it’s tasteless, this product can adapt to almost every recipe that requires color. Plus, it only takes a little sprinkle in your preparation to turn it into red, silver, golden, or any other color you choose.

The result? The edible dust is undetectable and does not alter your drinks or recipes in any way –except by generating beautiful hues.

Is it gluten-free?


Elixir Edible Dust is not only free from animal and dangerous artificial chemicals, but it’s also gluten-free and nut-free.

Its mica-based composition does not even have a pound of gluten. In other words, it is perfectly safe for celiac patients.

We can guarantee its safety and high-security standards for diabetic, celiac, and renal patients.