03 Flower decorating ideas for your desserts

03 Flower decorating ideas for your desserts

For the Spring, the summer, and almost every special celebration, you need some flower decorating ideas for your desserts under the belt. And nothing is more attractive, delicate, and glamorous than sweet flowers.

These little marvels can top your cakes, cupcakes, desserts, tables, and more –the limits depend on your creativity and playfulness to cook. And the best part, the flowers are suitable for seasonal desserts, parties, birthdays, and weddings, among other instances.

So, if you’re throwing a party, managing an event, or simply selling delicious goodies, this is for you.

Top 3 desserts to decorate with flowers

If you’re running out of decorating ideas with flowers, the flower silicone molds are excellent alternatives.

All you have to do is to pour your favorite glaze and use the molds to draw your favorite figures. What’s more, the molds are perfect for other mixes than the glaze, being the merengue and the fondant our top choices.

And, you should take a look at these three simple yet infallible desserts:

Spring cake

When the spring season is coming, spring cakes are perfect to become the protagonists of your table. A simple, delicious, and delightful cake to captivate all your guests from the first glance. And you only need:

  • Your favorite home cake recipe
  • Butter glaze
  • Edible glitter (blue, yellow, pink, violet, and green)

The glaze is combinable with the colors you prefer. But, we recommend mixing it with the most striking ones to make them more appealing. Although we suggest five colors, there’s always a place for as many colors as you like.

Summer cake

As the name says, perfect to give flavor to the hottest and happiest season.

The combination of blue and green reflects the hues that characterize the summer, making this cake an attractive alternative for all instances. And, of course, you can try with all the color combinations you please.

The only ingredients you need are:

  • Butter glaze or merengue
  • Your favorite stuffed cake
  • Colorants of your choice (or edible glitters)

To take your summer cake to the next level, we recommend white or yellow petals, as well as other clear colors, especially for dinners. This way, your cake will look glamorous, spectacular, and delicious.

Floral cupcake

One of the most beautiful decorating ideas with flowers is quite simple: a garden with cupcakes. By combining and contrasting colors and flowers, you can create a beautiful, elegant, mouthwatering cupcake table that resembles a garden.

Again, you can elevate your desserts with decorative flowers by using the sweet mix you prefer, or even with chocolate or caramel.

For weddings, baptisms, XV celebration parties, and more. The floral cupcakes have no limits in terms of colors and decorating ideas,

Why use flower decorating ideas for your desserts

Every ambiance, dinner table, restaurant, or coffee shop needs perfect harmony. Here’s where the flowers become the sweetest and most elegant elements.

Class, excellence, charisma, and elegance are just some of the benefits of the flower decorating ideas for desserts. And contrary to what many believe, these ideas aren’t limited to the goodies: they are perfect for decorations and handicrafts.

So, if you’re looking to provide creative and sophisticated desserts, these three alternatives got you covered.