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Oh! Sweet Art FAQs

The edible glitter is made of mica-based pearlescent pigments. In other words, natural, vegan minerals, used in bakeries as decorators for the best and most stunning preparations.
Such pigments are known as silicates: tasteless, safe-to-eat natural extracts, also used in soft drinks and liquors.
There is no artificial additive nor animal ingredient in this product.


Oh! Sweet Art is gluten-free and even nut-free, which means that celiac patients can enjoy colorful drinks and preparations without remorse –and without digestive problems.

On the contrary…

The edible glitter, and especially Oh! Sweet Art, does not alter the taste.

No need to sacrifice the flavor of your preparation. Its presence is undetectible.

For Cakes. For Drinks. For Coffees. For culinary specialties.

The edible glitter is as versatile as your creativity.

You can use it to prepare mind-blowing cocktails, draw figures in the coffee, color cupcakes, and a big etcetera.

And you can bake it too.

We beg you to do it!

As Oh! Sweet Art is tasteless and does not affect your recipes in terms of flavor, you can combine it with honey and different types of syrup harmonically.

Just let your culinary and mixologist creativity spread its wings.

The preparation is as simple as it follows:

  • Take a small portion –less than a half tablespoon– and pour it on the drink;
  • Stir it up;
  • Behold!

In just a few seconds, your drink will acquire magic and colorful touch.
This process is the same for other beverages.

Just pour a small portion in the dough of your preparation. Mix it up; the dough will start taking the color of the glitter almost immediately.

You can also dilute it to cover your cake and give it a sophisticated cover.

In a dry environment, this edible glitter may last for years in perfect conditions. The reason is simple: it doesn’t have any raw ingredients that could expire.