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Highlighter Dust Set (3 colors)

  • Highlighter Set : Gold Highlighter, Silver Highlighter, Copper Highlighter.
  • Produces a solid metallic color.
  • Perfect for a high shine metallic.
  • For Decoration of cakes.
  • Net Weight: 4grams.

  • Oh! Sweet Art carries a variety of Highlighter metallic dusts & powders are used to decorate cakes, cupcakes, showpieces, chocolate decorations, and other decorative pastry, cakes, cupcakes and cake pops!
  • How do you use highlighter dust? Simply! Mix a 3:1 ratio of gold highlighter dust and a clear alcohol (or substitute with lemon extract). Mix till dust is dissolved, take a small paint brush and paint directly on your decoration.
  • We have so many colors in our store - Bottle: 4 grams - MADE IN USA
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